Wilderness camp: 4 days with hiking, glacier exploring and kayaking

We believe that ample time combined with peace and quiet is essential in order to take in and digest the experience of Svalbard. Four days at our disposal gives us the time to get more acquainted with the landscape. During this trip, we will have two entire trip days and the possibility to go summit trekking on Svalbard. Seen from above, the landscape widens and all experiences are enhanced. After an afternoon of kayaking to the glacier front and an entire day on the glacier, we will spend the third day hiking through in the lush landscape on the west side of Ymerbukta and ascending along the majestic Värmlandsryggen. On our way back to Longyearbyen, we will visit the Russian settlement Barentsburg. This trip starts on Tuesday and lasts till Friday in July/August.

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