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ATV safari to Adventdalen - Svalbard Booking
We drive Can Am Outlander ATV`s in a summery Svalbard landscape. In the summer months May to August we have daylight around the clock on Svalbard, and summer in the Arctic is short and intense with a rich animal and bird life. It is not unusual to see the Svalbard reindeer and foxes. We go out Endalen, where we run to the downside of Mine 5. From here we can see parts of the pit 2, which lies on the other side of the valley. The tour continues out Adventdalen, Mine 7 and up the mountain. On top of the mountain is Kjell Henriksen Observatory for research on the Northern Lights. Here, we stop to enjoy the amazing views of Adventdalen. On our way down we will visit Basecamp's trappers station in Bolterdalen. We`ll serve coffee and biscuits, and make a fire in the hut or on the barbecue area. There will also be able to meet the dogs before driving back to town.
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