Winter 2-daytrip to Barentsburg, our Russian neighbours, by dogsled. Barentsburg is a Russian settlement with about 400 people. Main income in town is mining and tourism. It’s a company-town owned by the Russian governmental mining company “Trust-Arktikugol“.Barentsburg is situated about 55 km from Longyearbyen, there’s no roads between the settlements, so until now, if you want to visit Barentsburg, you either go by snowmobile or boat. But from 2017 it will be possible to visit Barentsburg by dogsled as well. About the trip: The trip by dogsled will go in beautiful terrain, in the arctic wilderness. We stay at one of the hotels in Barentsburg. There will also be time to take a walk in Barentsburg to explore the town, the buildings, and the history. On this tour you are quite independent and in a small group. You get your own team of six dogs that you must take care of and watch during the trip. All meals are included, Day one: You will be picked up in the morning at your accommodation. Then a short briefing at our headquarters follows. Here you will be provided with warm outer suits and shoes. You will be given a short brief about the equipment we use, and we pack everything ready for transport. Then we go out to the kennel. At the kennel we pack the sleds and get the dogs ready for the tour. The guides will give necessary information about how to pack the sled, get the dogs ready, and how to be a musher. It will be a lot of exited dogs, but immediately after take-off, the silence will occur, and you can enjoy the ride in magnificent landscape. After some hours, halfway, we will find a nice spot for a lunch. Both mushers and dogs need energy. We arrive at Barentsburg late in the afternoon. There we will stake out our dogs on a night-line just outside the hotel, in the centre of the city. Before we settle in, all the dogs must be fed and cared for. This is an important part of being a musher, we would not get far with unhappy dogs. At the Hotel we will enjoy a Russian dinner and it will be possible to taste the bear, from their local brewery. Day two: On day two we start with a Russian breakfast. Then we will make ourselves, the sleds and dogs ready for a day out in arctic wilderness. On the return we will, if the weather and snow conditions allows us, return by another route in new surroundings. On day two we will pass the abandoned settlement Coals Bay. We stop for a lunch today as well. Lot’s of energy is needed when we’re outdoor a whole day. In the afternoon we arrive at the kennel. We help each other to unpack the sleds and take care of the dogs. Then we go back to our headquarter to change clothes before we take you back to your accommodation. Details: Time of year: 15 februar-30 april Participants: Minimum 2, maximum 6 Age limit: 15 years Physical requirements: normal good health Degree of difficulty: Medium, it requires a great deal of participating from each participant. Setting camp and caring for the dogs. Former experience is needed: No Duration: two days

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