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Join us for an exciting fjord safari in open boat to the Russian ghost town Pyramiden and the mighty Nordenskiöld glacier. Pyramiden was once the largest settlement on Svalbard, with about 1500 inhabitants. It was a good place to live, with schools and day care, hotel, restaurants and various other facilities. In the late 90’s the town was abandoned, and now lies like a ghost town at the head of Billefjorden. All of the buildings and many technical installations is still standing. Inside the houses everything is like it was when it was abandoned, and it is not difficult to imagine the place teeming with activity. The guide gives us a tour around in Pyramiden. We will eat expedition lunch outside in Pyramiden before we head back to Longyearbyen. On the return we drive up to the majestic glacier front of the Nordenskiöld glacier. The front is one of the most spectacular on Svalbard. Note! Early in the season, it might be too much ice in Billefjorden to get all the way to Pyramiden.
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