Full Day Dog Sled Expedition

Join our polar heroes Barentz, Nansen, Nobile on a 1 day dogsledding trip in Svalbard beautiful and interesting surroundings. All our dogs are named after polar heroes of the Arctic and Antarctic. Regardless of the weather; good or bad, starry sky, full moon, or northern lights, this will be a little different tour. We pick you up at the hotel of your preference in Longyearbyen. After getting dressed we will give you instructions of how the dog sledding tour, about the route and you will learn the theory of driving dogs, for next step you will learn it by practicing. You will be two people per sledge, one person will be standing and the other sitting, there will be stops on the way, so the person sitting will have the chance to drive if they wish to. The dogs will be your engine and they will bring you on an adventure you maybe never have experience earlier. The nature on Svalbard is stunning and the landscape is covered by a white layer of snow. Lunch is served in a heated tent, igloo or hut Everyone that needs can borrow a warm dress, shoes, winter hat and/or gloves.pair. We recommend you to bring a small backpack with your personal things.

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