Midnight sun safari to Barentsburg

The midnight sun makes its appearance, and in this period it is daylight round the clock. Migratory birds return and the hillsides are filled with abundant wildlife. You will be picked up at your accommodation and be provided with warm clothes and shoes. We will have a briefing about snowmobiling before we head out to the Russian mining community of Barentsburg, located in Green Harbor. There is something special about traveling through the beautiful winter landscape at night in broad daylight. Barentsburg is the second largest settlement in Svalbard, with about 720 inhabitants. The Russians bought Barentsburg from the Netherlands in the 30's. The total population in Barentsburg and Pyramid Grumant combined, once made up the majority of residents in Svalbard. Today Barentsburg is the only Russian settlement on Svalbard. The people who live and work there are mostly from Russia and Ukraine. Barentsburg is a "Company town" and is primarily engaged in mining and some tourism. The settlement was leveled to the ground during the 2nd World war; nevertheless there is a lingering historic atmosphere, with Lenin at the top of the hill, looking over his people. Barentsburg has its own power plant, hospital, museum, hotel, school, kindergarten and culture and sports center. In addition to that there are also pig barns and greenhouses. In Barentsburg we will have a Russian dinner at the hotel. To get an insight into the daily life of the settlement, there will be an opportunity for a guided tour. On the trip to and from Barentsburg there will be stops and pauses, and the guide will tell you about the attractions along the way.

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