2 people exclusive traditional Polardog Day Sledtour

If you are visiting Longyearbyen just for a couple of days and would like to make the most of your time here, thinking a half day tour is not enough to fully experience the Svalbard nature, you are more than welcome to join us for a longer run in the winter landscape. Naturally dogsledding is all about the dogs and so the first thing to do after your arrival at the kennel in Bolterdalen, is to get to know your four legged companions. Just make sure those heavy love bugs don‘t topple you over and lick you all over your face ;-) If you are two people going together you will be sharing a sled, which gives you both a chance to sit back, relax and just enjoy the spectacular scenery while the other is driving. I will be accompanying you on my own sled. If you are going by yourself, I will be riding with you and you can drive as much as you want, or spend the day as my passenger, that is entirely up to you. We adapt the route itself according to your fitness level, which parts of the land you would like to experience and of course the weather conditions. Either way one thing is for certain: We will be doing our very best to make this the best and most memorable experience of your entire stay here on Svalbard! The entire excursion last about 6-7 hours, including a welcome break with travel meals and tea/coffee. If the weather is not on its best behaviour, we will set up a tent and have our dinner “indoors“. Including: Warm outer cloths, Sleds and Dogs, Travelmeal/Snacks/Warm drinks, transport from hotel and camp and back.

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