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  Northern Light safari by snowmobile - Svalbard Booking
Be enchanted at the unique blue light characterizing the polar night. The trip will take place in the area around Longyearbyen, depending on snow conditions. If we are lucky we might even see the beautiful northern lights. We serve hot drinks and biscuits during the trip.
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02/12/2015NOK 1,6504 (09:00)>8Book now »
03/12/2015NOK 1,6504 (09:00)>8Book now »
04/12/2015NOK 1,6504 (09:00)>8Book now »
05/12/2015NOK 1,6504 (09:00)>8Book now »
07/12/2015NOK 1,6504 (09:00)>8Book now »
09/12/2015NOK 1,6504 (09:00)>8Book now »
10/12/2015NOK 1,6504 (09:00)>8Book now »
11/12/2015NOK 1,6504 (09:00)>8Book now »
12/12/2015NOK 1,6504 (09:00)>8Book now »
14/12/2015NOK 1,6504 (09:00)>8Book now »