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Snowmobile safari to Pyramiden - Svalbard Booking
Join us for a true Arctic adventure to the abandoned Russian mining settlement Pyramiden. Pyramiden was once the largest settlement on Svalbard, with about 1500 inhabitants. In the late 1990's the city was abandoned, and now it appears as a ghost town. All buildings and many installations still stands. It is not difficult to imagine the place teeming with activity. We will eat lunch outside in Pyramiden. There are much seals in the areas we drive through on the way to and from Pyramiden. On a day trip like this we cover approximately 220 km.
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27/02/2016NOK 3,75011 (08:00)>8Book now »
05/03/2016NOK 3,75011 (08:00)>8Book now »
08/03/2016NOK 3,75011 (08:00)>8Book now »