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Snowmobile safari to Von Post - Svalbard Booking
On this trip you really have the opportunity to experience the Arctic wilderness. We will visit Hilmar Nøis trapper station Fredheim, where he spent 26 of his 38 winters on Svalbard. We are served lunch on board the Ship in The Ice, which is frozen into Tempelfjorden. After lunch we drive to see the mighty glacier front of the Von Post and Tunabreen up close. In the area around Tempelfjorden you will experience the Arctic nature as the old explorers and adventurers did several hundred years ago. Here you can experience a silence and a light you can't find anywhere else. Often there are seals on the ice here. On a day trip like this we cover approximately 120 km.
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01/02/2016NOK 2,2508 (08:00)>8Book now »
02/02/2016NOK 2,2508 (08:00)>8Book now »
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04/02/2016NOK 2,3508 (08:00)>8Book now »
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