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Dogsledding on Wheels - Basecamp Spitsbergen
Join us on a mush in Advent wally, and a visit to the trappers station. No previous knowledge of doggsledding is necessary. You will mush 2 and 2 on a cart with wheels. Its almost like mushing in wintertime! You will get to harness your own dogs. We end the trip by having coffee/tea and biscuits in the Trapping Hut. Minimum age 6 years.
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05/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)8Book now »
06/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)8Book now »
07/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)8Book now »
08/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)8Book now »
09/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)8Book now »
10/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)8Book now »
11/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)8Book now »
12/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)8Book now »
13/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)8Book now »
14/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)8Book now »
15/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)8Book now »
16/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)7Book now »
17/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)8Book now »
18/09/2014NOK 7903.5 (09:00)6Book now »