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Icecaving - Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS
Melting water channels are formed in the glaciers during the summer. In winter these channels freeze, creating spectacular ice caves. After about 30 minutes we reach the morain of the glacier and we start our walk up to the ice cave. After a good walk, about 1 hour, we reach the cave and our real adventure can start. We will have to crawl during some parts of the trip, so the trip is not suitable for those with back problems or claustrophobia. Duration app. 5 hours. Minimum 2 participants. Limit of age: 10 years
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01/12/2015NOK 7305 (12:00)5Book now »
02/12/2015NOK 7305 (12:00)8Book now »
03/12/2015NOK 7305 (12:00)4Book now »
04/12/2015NOK 7305 (12:00)8Book now »
06/12/2015NOK 7305 (12:00)8Book now »
07/12/2015NOK 7305 (12:00)6Book now »
08/12/2015NOK 7305 (12:00)8Book now »
09/12/2015NOK 7305 (12:00)6Book now »
09/12/2015NOK 7305 (14:30)1Book now »
10/12/2015NOK 7305 (12:00)8Book now »
11/12/2015NOK 7305 (12:00)8Book now »
12/12/2015NOK 7305 (12:00)3Book now »
13/12/2015NOK 7305 (12:00)8Book now »
14/12/2015NOK 7305 (12:00)8Book now »