A short mini-expedition can be just the perfect choice when you think that half a day is not enough, but do not have the time for a long trip. Being on tour with a dog sled is something totally different. You will experience the interaction between man and dog and the silence except for paws running on the snow. You will learn how to set up a winter camp in the sparkling cold, feel the warmth of your sleeping bag and observe the stars in the sky, or the midnight sun, or bad weather. The cold and beauty will warm your heart. We pick you up at the agreed place; provide you with warm clothes and shoes. We will give a short briefing about the equipment we use, and pack everything into boxes for transport. At the kennel we will pack the sleds and get the dogs ready for the tour. The tour then proceeds up Bolterdalen and over Bolterskaret. It is quite steep here so you may have to help the dogs. Then we drive the dogsleds into the Nordenskiold National Park. Afterwards we enter the wide Reindalen, where we camp for the night. Before we set up shelter and prepare food for ourselves, all the dogs must be fed and cared for. This is an important part of being a dogsled driver; we would not get far with unhappy dogs. The next day starts with a good breakfast, we pack the camp and prepare the dog teams again. Then we head home through Gangdalen and down the narrow Todalen. From Todalen we are back at the kennel where we help each other to unpack the sleds and take care of the dogs. On this tour you are quite independent and in a small group. You get your own team of six dogs that you must take care of and watch during the trip. The guide will help you with the route and make sure that the experience is as positive as possible. The tour begins with pickup in the afternoon and you are back in Longyearbyen in the afternoon on the following day. Details: Minimum 2 participants Age limit: 15 years Physical requirements: normal good health Degree of difficulty: Easy, but requires a great deal of participating from each participant. setting camp, and caring for the dogs. No former experience is needed. Duration: 24 hours

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