Barentsburg Express - Wegar Viking Speedboat

Longyearbyen - Barentsburg Shuttle Getting to Barentsburg was never so easy as now! Polar Cruising provides a shuttle service on the boat Wegar Viking, connecting the two main settlements of Svalbard - Longyearbyen and Barentsburg.  We offer a variety of round-trip options that you can easily combine with other trips during the day. Thanks to a long stay in Barentsburg, you have plenty of time to visit local sights and enjoy Russian hospitality!  WE OFFER! Fast transport, easy booking: One way takes us just 1.5 hours, which is faster than any other transport between the towns. You can book it through your hotel, online, or directly. Many options: You can choose a departure time that suits best your plans.  Convenient departures: Combine the shuttle to Barentsburg with other trips in the town. Use your time wisely! Long stay in Barentsburg: We stay 2.5 - 3 hours in the harbor of Barentsburg which let you explore more of the town. Even more! Not enough of Barentsburg? Stay longer, enjoy the town and come back with us another day!  Weekend option: Bored of Longyearbyen? Friday evening we take you to Barentsburg and bring you back to Longyearbyen Sunday morning!  TIMETABLE JUNE - OCTOBER LYR - Longyearbyen, BB - Barentsburg Wednesday: * 07:00 LYB - BB, 12:00 BB - LYB (3 hours in BB) * 13:00 LYB - BB, 18:00 BB - LYB (3 hours in BB) * 19:00 LYB - BB, Friday 06:00 BB - LYB ** Friday: * 07:00 LYB - BB, 12:00 BB - LYB (3 hours in BB) * 13:00 LYB - BB, 18:00 BB - LYB (3 hours in BB) * 19:00 LYB - BB, Sunday 09:00 BB - LYB ** Sunday: * 10:00 LYB - BB, 15:00 BB - LYB (3 hours in BB) * 16:00 LYB - BB, 20:30 BB - LYB (2,5 hours in BB) * Pick-up time from hotels in Longyearbyen ** Departure is suitable for those who want to stay in Barentsburg for 2 nights. PRICES: Round trip price: 2100 nok Kids 0-2 years - free Kids 2-12 years 400 nok discount. CONTACT: For one-way bookings, information, special arrangements, contact directly.  Email: ; Tlf: +47 47472520 

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