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Arctic fox - Exclusive photo exploring, with your own personal photo guide

Departure date:

22 September 2024


NB! The Polar bears are generally rarely or not found in and around Longyearbyen, so I do not focus on it.

From September to midt February, its all about the arctic fox, svalbard reindeer, northern light and beautiful landscape and dark winter photography. From 27th october to 14th february, we have not any daylight left and we will use headlamps when we are out, so if you have, bring it with you.

This activity does not include photo equipment.

Tips for photo equipment: For lenses, I recommend 70-200 and 150-600. For birds, focal length between 400-600 will be the best. Extra battery, tripod, flash, led light etc. For nature photo, the ordinary focal length from 14 mm to 35 mm is to recommend. But also, compact camera and mobile, will in some cases, give you good wildlife photo. If you are considering upgrading or investing in new camear gear prior to the trip, feel free to ask us for advice.

2 Average physical fitness. Some area have uneven and partly steep terrain(not the winter season).

Food and drinks:
Warm black currants juice / biscuit / Thin folded pastry with butter and cinnamon.

Pick up/drop off:
At hotel in Longyearbyen.

What to bring:
The weather and climate in Longyearbyen is renowned for being extremely unpredictable because of its many local weather systems. This means conditions can change within minutes and kilometres, also resulting in very dramatic light and photographic opportunities.

You need to wear one and to warm inner layer(depend on activity and temperature), extra socks and gloves/mittens. Warm and waterproof winter footwear. Wind and waterproof outer jacket and for extra cold days, a down jacket. Bring your own water bottle, is also smart.

The guide will bring all necessary security equipment and statutory Norwegian insurance. Headlamps for the dark season(oct-jan).

Basic price:

NOK 8,000 per person


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