Sleeping in ice cave / 2-day snowmobile & ice cave expedition

Are you ready for a true Arctic adventure off the beaten tracks, with a special overnight stay inside an ice cave?!
 Join us for a 2- day full ultimate snowmobile and ice cave expedition!
 Drive your snowmobile through stunning nature, over glaciers and descend into thousands of years old ice caves. 
 We start our expedition from town, where we pick you up from your accommodation. After we change into proper snowmobile clothing, prepared our sledges and after our safety briefing, we will drive out into the magical nature of Svalbard. 

 We will spend a full day exploring ice caves, driving through beautiful nature on our snowmobiles, passing glaciers to find the next ice cave. Ice caves change shape all year round, none of them stay the same due to meltwater and the movement of glaciers. 
Existing ice caves may disappear and new ice caves are here to be discovered during our expedition. Together with our headlamps and helmets we descend into the glacier. Here, deep inside the glacier, a new world will appear to us! Sometimes massive and sometimes just big enough to crawl through. But always magical, so be amazed by the thousands of years layered ice. 
 After a full day out in the field, where we enjoyed the beautiful nature of Svalbard, we will start searching for the ice cave that will be our shelter for the night. Inside the ice cave we will enjoy our warm dinner and we will start preparing ourselves for this extraordinary experience of sleeping inside the ice cave. For those who would like, we will try to do some ice cave climbing. No worries if you do not have any climbing experience, our well-trained and certified climbing guide has got your back and will help you descend safely. Enjoy a good night sleep inside the warmth and silence of the ice cave…
 The next morning, after breakfast and after boiling our water from fresh snow, we will drive our snowmobiles through the massive valleys of Svalbard, over the glaciers and to there where nature will bring us on our search for (new) ice caves. Along our way we will make sure to be on the lookout for wildlife, such as the Arctic reindeer, Arctic fox, seals and maybe even a Polar bear. We will make several stops for you to enjoy the painterly views and there will be enough time to take photos. 
 By the end of the day, we head back to town to hand in all our equipment and our snowmobiles. 
With a bag full of unbeatable memories, you will say goodbye to the guide and the guests, where you can proudly say that you are a true Arctic explorer. This trip is for those seeking something special!

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