Bird Spotting Excursion, Followed by Arctic BBQ- Small groups only- Spitzbergen Adventures AS

The summer season is owned by the birds. During those weeks we have a lot of bird species coming to Svalbard. They are all so wonderfull and deserve a special focus. Join us on a tour which puts the spotlight on those amazing creatures. If you are an ornithologist with special interests let us know before the tour. If you are curious about birds and would like to spend your time looking at them, our guide will give you more information. This tour is in small groups only with maximum 8 people. That makes the excursion very individual and gives us a lot of freedom to adjust to your background and also weather conditions. But the most important is it will not effect the animals in a very disturbing way. We will end the tour at our tent where we will serve a BBQ in the Arctic. Duration of the trip is between 5-6 hours and in very easy terrain. Minimum 2 people

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