Snowmobile adventure to Tempelfjorden – In the trapper's footsteps

We Are Explorers… As we strongly are willing to guide you into a true Arctic experience, we will take the time to achieve this and observe and experience all that Svalbard has to offer. Our trip duration is therefore an estimation. Description; Join us on a trip through Svalbard's magnificent nature. Through the stunning valleys towards Tempelfjorden, into the footsteps of famous trapper Hilmar Nøis. Our trip starts at 08:30 a.m. driving from Longyearbyen to our basecamp. After a safety briefing and changing into the right clothes, we will drive towards Tempelfjorden where Villa Fredheim is located. This is the trappers hut of Hilmar Nøis, or the king of Sassen as he was called. Hilmar Nøis has spent 38 winters on Svalbard. In comparison to other trapper’s cabins which are most of the time very basic, Villa Fredheim can almost be called luxurious, with its two stories high, potted plants and curtains. At Villa Fredheim we will stop to eat a nice lunch while enjoying the view out over the Tempelfjord and the majestic mountain Tempelet on the other side of the fjord. After lunch and where our guide tells us a bit about Svalbard's history, we drive further up Fjordnibba. Here, 334 meters straight down into the Tempelfjord, we have a fantastic view on the Vonpost glacier and the Tuna glacier, where there is a bustling wildlife and who are both famous for their blue ice. We will make several stops on our trip to really enjoy and capture all the beautiful nature and views!

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