Snowmobile Photography tour

ABOUT On this tour, we prioritize the opportunity to take pictures, first! That means we can stop and focus on capturing great subjects of wildlife and landscapes without being bound to a strict schedule. The only thing we need to do, is to be back at the your hotel, around 5:00 PM. This is a tour for small groups, with a maximum of 6 snowmobiles and 8 people (limited up to 2 snowmobiles with passengers). Other snowmobile tours have a specific geographical destination to reach, which means there isn't so much time to stop along the way and take pictures. On this daytrip, we take the time to capture subjects and provide advice and tips for photographing nature and wildlife. We will explore valleys, glaciers, mountains, and the coast in search of great photo opportunities. This may include Svalbard ptarmigans, Svalbard reindeer, seabirds, and beautiful Arctic landscapes in great light (if we're lucky with the weather). If we're fortunate, we may even spot a polar bear or two from a safe distance. The route of the tour isn’t fixed, but depends on the weather and the latest information we have about god spots and wildlife. Difficulty Level: 3 – 4 Important Information: A valid driver's license is required to operate a snowmobile in Svalbard (not as a passenger). Tripod is only needed if you are planning to shoot long exposure pictures, normally not necessary, since the daylight is normally strong enough for low aperture (f/8 up to f/22). But, if you must bring a tripod, our guide have space on his sledge. GUIDELINES FOR PRICING: Ticket Price Per Person NOK 4,950.00 - Driver Per Person NOK 3,950.00 - Passenger

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