Polar Night Adventure: Dogsledding, Lunch, and Stories of a Sled Dog s Life

Hopefully we ll see the magical northern lights dancing on the sky while dogsledding through Polarnight. Svalbard is an arctic dessert and we never know when the first snow arrives. We run the dogs in front of the slegdes or wagons with wheels depending on the snow conditions. The dogs are eager and looking forward to the winter no mater what. The trip includes pick up at your hotel, equipment and clothing, and an experience guide. At the end of the trip you re invited for lunch, coffee and biscuits in our cabin, where we ll show you pictures from our trips around Svalbard, to the North Pole, and from the world s longest dog sledding race, Iditarod. This trip is perfect for experience dog mushers as well as for those who have never tried dogsledding before. We will adjust the the trip based on experience and interests.

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