Meet the locals

Is this your first day in Longyearbyen? After breakfast, you may want to explore the area and get a little better acquainted with Svalbard s magnificent nature. If so, you have come to the right place! Starting your adventure in Longyearbyen gives you a good starting point if you want to get to know Svalbard. Get to know our beautiful our historical city Longyear City, and learn more about who founded it. This trip that starts early in the moring. This gives you the opportunity to plan other activities after the tour, from 13.00 onwards. There is nothing better to learn about Longyearbyen from a lokal guide from Svalbard. Our guide has lived in Svalbard for several years and is an approved and certified local history guide. -Age: from 7 -Price for kids from 7 to 12 year: 100 kroner -Free for children under 7 years -Number of participants (min/max): 2/50 -Meeting-point: Coop ( center of Longyearbyen) -Start: 09.00 every Friday -Duration: Ca. 3,5 hours -Difficulty level: Easy -Local Gudie ( has been living in Longyearbyen for several years now)

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