Polar night dog sledding

Welcome to the Arctic and the polar night: a mysterious time where all light comes from the most magical things such as the moon, the northern lights and a million stars. The polar night is best experienced on a dog sled, silently gliding through the snow-covered landscape. On this tour, you will get to know your own dog team, and help get them ready before departure. Our dog yard is located outside of Longyearbyen, by the entrance of Todalen valley. When arriving at the dog yard you will meet our four-legged friends and get to know them before we start the instructions on how to drive and handle the dogs. With your help, we team up the dogs and in pairs, you will drive each sled into the polar night. While being out on the sled we will experience the silence, the power of the dogs, and—if we are lucky—the northern lights. Our huskies love running and will give you an adventure you won’t forget. When we come back to the dog yard, we put the dogs back on their houses before we say hi to the rest of the pack and meet the puppies.

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